Sunday, 11 December 2011

Final outcomes....

Horizon Titlepage

After much consideration of my thumbnail visuals and ideas, I eventually produced my 'Horizon' student zine titlepage. It consists of a very theatrical-style theme, with a unique contemporary twist that is aimed at fellow young freshers students. The bold 'Horizon' heading is positioned on the left hand side, with wide spacing inbetween each letterform. The unusual nature of the typeface adds to the modern look of the zine, and effectively communicates what exciting entertainment the City of Wolverhampton has on offer for students!
'Hello and Welcome' DPS

This is my final design outcome for my 'Hello and Welcome' DPS. It is simple yet effective, and includes some formal subheadings which work well in contrast with the Century Gothic typeface that is evident within the paragraphs. Throughout the entire zine, each page is linked by a relationship between the typefaces used and the general visual appearance. The beginning paragraph has a thicker tonal definition to reinforce prominance, as this introductory section is crucial.

 Theatre Entertainment DPS

I have finally reached an outcome for my theatre entertainment layout. After alot of alterations and experimentation, I have managed to produce a DPS that reflects my theme through careful use of typography and visual imagery. By adding emphasis on certain words, this captures the audiences attention and provokes further thought.

Throughout the spread, I have used wacky typeface styles to promote the theme of dramatic showbiz action. On contrast, for the paragraph content I have used the Century Gothic typeface in various thicknesses to balance out the nature of the DPS. I think that the small visual elements are effective because they suggest a sense of glamour, and allow the audience to envision the theatre environment with ease.

Now that I have completed my 'Horizon' titlepage and my two DPS layouts, I will prepare to present my work on mountboards for assessment! Hopefully my grade will reflect how hard I have worked towards producing good outcomes! :)

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