Thursday, 29 September 2011

Exploring the black country

Architectural drawings

Entertainment location sketches

Here is some of my most recent work for my type fundamentals project. I am required to discover and collect visuals/information on a particular aspect of Wolverhampton that will appeal to freshers students, and create a double page spread including text and imagery based on my chosen topic. Initially I decided to take a tour of Wolverhampton and collect photographs/drawings, focusing mainly on architecture and entertainment (haven't quite decided which one to choose yet) However I feel that I have gathered predominantly visual evidence, and perhaps a re-visit to the town is necessary. During my next visit, I hope to collect leaflets and maybe even take tours of the theatre, to get a clearer idea of how words and typography are used to advertise shows/entertainment. After that, let the design work commence!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A smile in the mind...

During my typography session, my tutor suggested this book for inspiration. It arrived in the post yesterday, so hopefully will be helpful when im stuck for ideas!