Friday, 16 March 2012

Initial DPS's

I started using Indesign after one of our practice sessions, and began to arrange the text in various ways. I experimented with type and constructed some initial layouts. I also decided to incorporate some of my architecture sketches into it, however they don't look as professional as I suspected they would. Perhaps I could later use them in my ideas, but in a much more subtle manner?

These Indesign layouts are for the carbuncles text, this time using my images but only in a small area. I think that these layouts are good for initial text positioning experimentation, however they will need editing to allow for a more colourful visual appearance...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Initial storyboards and scenery mock ups...

(Initial storyboards)

(Mock up scenery practice)

In order to show my intentions for my animation sequence, I created some rough practice pieces for the scenery. I used 3D pop up scenes, whilst incorporating some of the objects I plan to use for my work. These will include:

A set of coloured chalks
White sticky squares

The original intention was to include tubes of paint, that would become a part of the animation by filming the acrylic being squeezed out of the tube and making the markings for the roads on the pop-up sets. However I have decided to not include this, as I don't want to overcomplicate matters. I am aiming for a very simplistic, yet effective look! 

I enjoyed experimenting with different light sources, and developing a storyline for my animation is exciting work! :)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Inside and outside...

For my visual communication module, I am required to identify letterforms within both interior and exterior environments and take photographs. I explored the forest area near to my house, and also my bedroom which contains lots of letterform-style objects. Here are some of the shots i managed to gather.

('The Albion' pub near my home)

(Wall engravings on a small abandoned building within the forest)

(A tree shaped similar to a 'V' letter)

(Graffiti markings on a building in the forest)

(Perfume bottle on my bedroom shelf, unusually shaped)

(Mannequin figure on my bedroom desk)

(Open magnifying lamp which indicates the letter 'O')

(Rounded mirror in my bedroom)

('F' shaped bedroom shelf)

These are some of the best photos that I took for the project. Altogether I took around 30 shots, which I am required to import into Imovie and edit into a video with an accompanying soundtrack. I chose 'Bella's Lullaby' from the film 'Twilight', which is a slow piano instrumental track. I chose it because it suits the peaceful pace and nature of my images, and it seems to work well when I test it as a whole piece in Imovie.