Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Initial storyboards and scenery mock ups...

(Initial storyboards)

(Mock up scenery practice)

In order to show my intentions for my animation sequence, I created some rough practice pieces for the scenery. I used 3D pop up scenes, whilst incorporating some of the objects I plan to use for my work. These will include:

A set of coloured chalks
White sticky squares

The original intention was to include tubes of paint, that would become a part of the animation by filming the acrylic being squeezed out of the tube and making the markings for the roads on the pop-up sets. However I have decided to not include this, as I don't want to overcomplicate matters. I am aiming for a very simplistic, yet effective look! 

I enjoyed experimenting with different light sources, and developing a storyline for my animation is exciting work! :)

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