Thursday, 27 October 2011

Contextual studies gallery visit...

For my contextual studies module, I was assigned the task of exploring Wolverhampton's local art gallery. I received a question sheet which informed me of the information I needed to obtain, and I spent some time addressing these particular requirements.

I visited the Georgian Gallery, the Victorian gallery, the 'BP portrait award exhibition' space and the Ed Ruscha exhibition area. During my visit I took photographs and made brief notes about certain works and my personal opinions of them. Here are some of my favourite pieces!

 'Peter Capaldi'
By Daniel Fooks
B.1972 (oil on canvas)

I explored the 'BP portrait award exhibition' room, and discovered this very atmospheric piece. The subtle, varied facial expressions captured my attention instantly and also the composition of the piece allowed me to view the painting in a different way. The colours are deep and complimentary of one another, and they are repeated and applied throughout each image to give a very discreet appearance. The entire portrait showcases a very emotional state of the subject, and how a persons physical appearance can change dramatically according to how they are feeling. This is one of my favourite pieces from the visit, because I was intrigued by its mysterious quality that captures the viewer instantly.

By Harriet White
B.1979 (Oil on panel)

This piece 'Wanderflower' is very expressive and promotes a sense of glamour and showbiz. It is a very unique, outstanding piece of work and varies alot from the other gallery works. The eyes are dramatic and colourful, and draw the viewers attention. The textured, soft white background is very basic which allows us to focus on the facial detail in more depth. There is a delicate, beautiful nature about this piece that I find fascinating.

'Scroobius pip, angles 2010'
By Leigh Glover
B.1981 (oil on canvas)

I like this piece because it has a subtle conflicting nature, but at the same time shows a very peaceful environment. There is a contrast between the elements, which creates visual interest.
The colours are warm and inviting in the foreground, and there appears to be a united link between the characters. However the background creates a very different, negative atmosphere. Two animals are colliding in a vicious battle, with the characters seemingly unaware of the situation. The sky seems overpowering with harsh colours, to reflect the partial brutal nature of the piece.

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