Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Main animation shooting!

(I shot my animation inside my fold-out photography tent, using  powerful lights and a webcam attached to a tripod)

(I was able to monitor every shot onscreen, which proved very helpful as I could identify mistakes instantly and make the necessary corrections)

(The animation tent from a birdseye view - My two 'city' scenes!)

(The main shooting)

(Starting scene)

(Middle scene)

(Ending scene)

The entire filming process was made fairly easy with my HD webcam. It took 5 hours to capture almost 740 shots, this may seem like alot but I wanted only very subtle movements to ensure that the film would run smoothly. I used lighting adjustments on the webcam to control the nature of the atmosphere and visual appearance of the scenes. I swapped the day scene with the night scene around halfway through the animation, purely for a more interesting contrast...I really like the creepy shadowy effect! :)  


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