Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Magazine layouts for inspiration

In order to gain a sense of how architecture magazines are structured compostionally, I went out and purchased a copy of 'Blueprint' architecture. Here I have selected some of the most inspiring, colourful examples of layouts which I will use for inspiration within my work.

I like the contrasting elements within this piece. The thick coloured borders suggest a more modern style of design, which looks quite effective. Also I like how some images are kept boxed and constrained, whereas others are almost free-floating on the page. This ensures the layout doesn't appear too chunky or tightly structured.

(Thumbnails for DPS)

Here are some of my Initial thumbnails. I selected various elements that I thought were interesting in the Blueprint magazine, and recreated them on layout paper. During feedback sessions I was advised to do more free-hand layouts to allow for more flexibility with my design work. I find working free-hand quite difficult, however I will try to get into the habit of not using a ruler!

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