Monday, 7 November 2011

Final DPS layout practice

Indesign DPS layout Ideas...

After experimenting with typefaces and compositional factors on my initial design sheets, I decided to begin applying these ideas to an Indesign layout format. I used important elements such as specific theatre show titles and decorative theatre pattern to communicate my theme. Some of the text was intentionally made more prominant to catch the viewers eye, in a very exaggerated showbiz fashion...

(Initial DPS layout idea)
I think that this first draft is weak in terms of composition and excitement. The text seems randomly placed, and could be positioned more appropriately in relation to the theme. I think that the 'pristina' typeface works well for communicating the grand, fancy element of theatre architecture. I also think that the gradual incline of paragraph text above the theatre seat image is unusual and thought provoking.

(Developed DPS layout idea)
This DPS layout is an improved version of the first. This time I have paid closer attention to the hierachy of the piece, and how it could be used to enhance more important keywords. These will provoke interest from the viewer, and encourage them to read further. Words such as 'excitement' and 'experience' are printed in a larger typeface, to contrast with the rest of the text. These subtle changes make this layout more successful, and more easily readable to the audience.

(Final DPS layout idea, combination of both serif/sans serif typefaces used)
This is a more finalized version of the previous layout. I thought that the right-hand page of the DPS lacked consistent content, and there appeared to be little connection between the two adjacent pages. I chose keywords from the paragraphs and increased the size and thickness of the typeface. Then I positioned these letters in the empty area on the right-hand page to create a consistent spread of text. The theatre seat image is positioned at a slight inwards angle, which leads the viewers eye into the opposing pages content. The pristina/century gothic typefaces used are maintained throughout the DPS, and allow for a subtle simplicity. Although this layout is the most successful yet, I still feel that there are compositional/typeface elements which could be improved in further design layouts.

My next step is producing a final outcome visual for my DPS freshers zine, which I hope to complete within the next few days! :)

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