Sunday, 6 May 2012

Final Arkitekt DPS layouts!

Here are my final designs for the Arkitekt magazine...

(Front cover)

I have altered my spreads in various ways, for example the colours are more neutral and allow the overall appearance to appear more professional. Also I have elongated the photos on the front cover, which are now more prominent.

(Architecture Review DPS)

I have included tabs along the left hand side of the page, which makes the entire composition look as though it belongs in a magazine. I have also removed the dark blocks which surrounded the text, as I felt that they were too overpowering for the spread.

(Architecture News DPS)

I have used only one copy of the house at full opacity, as the second lowered opacity copy didn't relate to the article or have much relevance. Instead I have decided to incorporate an image of a georgian hotel, which is located directly behind the georgian architecture article. The spread is easier to understand this way, and allows the reader to navigate around the page effectively. I am pleased with the end result, as the colour theme and typeface choices are some features which make the magazine appear interesting and contemporary.

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